Listing of all Server Notices
20 December2020
  This round will be a bit different - everyone has the same unique race! Also, I've made new artefacts. The round will start in a few days.

11 September 2020
  New 10-second round will start today in the evening!

23 August 2020
  New 10-minute round will start on Monday the 24th at 09-00 GMT.

20 July 2020
  New 10-minute round will start on wednsday at 07-00 GMT.

17 July 2020
  Congrats to Blame and Deathspy for winning the last 10-minute round!
  New fast round will start today in the evening!

3 July 2020
  New 10-minute, 2-man empire, round will start tommorow!

11 June 2020
  New round will start on friday the 12th of June 2020! Will be 2 man empires this time!

2 June 2020
  Thanks to a player - Rotkeil, we now have a proper domain name!

26 May 2020
  The new 10 minute round will start on 28th of May!

16 May 2020
  Fixed some bugs, hopefully now the database wont screw up.
  However, I've deleted all old player records, so you have to register again.
  Also made e-mail confirmation. Password recovery is next on the list.
  Will be launching a fast-tick round tommorow.

8 January 2020
  Round 10 will start on 10th of January 2020!

31 May 2019
  Round 8 will start on Saturday the 1st of June 2019!
  New round specifications:
  - Exploration costs are thirded!
  - Race can be changed every 24h!
  - Galactic congress forbids destroying ancient heritage!

29 April 2019
  Round 6 started!
  New bonuses "ancient civillizations" were added to unexplored planets.

19 April 2019 : New round!
  New round will be starting on Saturday the 20th of April 2019!