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Empire rankings for Round #14
1easy #24259162459643
2Eh....War....#26.... #17207131809633
3Empire #3206155687511
4Empire #26131122313633
5Empire #1501879306
6Empire #4515146
7Empire #27111722
8Administration #0111692
9Empire #7000

Artefacts found
The Incandescence Technology converts crystals into of minerals when using the incandescence spell!
The Harks Attacking Machinery increases your military research max by 30%, but lowers your culture research max by 40%!
The Crystal drill increases your crystal production by 20%, but decreases energy production by 10!
The Universal Exchanger gives you an unexplored planet, when you lose a planet in a battle!
The Fission Facility increases your fission production by 20%!
The Ancient Research Center increases the production of your research centers by 20%!
The Book Of Ancient Knowledge increaes you total research by 1% whenever you explore an ancient planet!
The Ether Gardens increase your energy production by 10%!
The Thermonuclear Bomb makes a nuked planet unexplorable (unless it has an artefact) and grants you the nuke operation!