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Empire rankings for Round #15
1See you all next round ::wave #1171613121908500
2Eh.... #222851314694734
3Omega #1021317333622
4Empire #17109117377734
5BEEP BOOP INACTIVE UNTIL 10M #2397119031810
6Empire #2571144369
7Administration #0111722

Artefacts found
The Recruitment Office increases the power of call to arms by 3!
The Incandescence Technology converts crystals into of minerals when using the incandescence spell!
The Harks Attacking Machinery increases your military research max by 30%, but lowers your culture research max by 40%!
The Crystal drill increases your crystal production by 20%, but decreases energy production by 10!
The Universal Exchanger gives you an unexplored planet, when you lose a planet in a battle!
The Fission Facility increases your fission production by 20%!
The Ancient Research Center increases the production of your research centers by 20%!
The Ether Gardens increase your energy production by 10%!
The Thermonuclear Bomb makes a nuked planet unexplorable (unless it has an artefact) and grants you the nuke operation!