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Empire rankings for Round #16
1PEW PEW #23220146587526
2Omega #1111615737216
3 war #1210919119610
4Empire #1107134179089
5I AM VENGENCE #249511576010
6Old Memories #7801858610
7Eh....@WAR #187414668836
8#49 #276711104409
9Happy to be back! New round let's Go Go #14541589443
10Empire #215011909756
11Empire #16351363448
12Empire #28311670107
13The Carebears #912123568
14Empire #13515244
15Empire #19113711
16Administration #0111769
17Empire #26111722

All Artefacts held by: PEW PEW
The Recruitment Office gives you the "call to arms" incanation and increases the power of it by 3 if you are Wookies!
The Purification Subprocessor doubles your planets bonusses!
The Metamorphosis stone changes your race to a random one, on encounter!
The Renewable energy technology decreases your energy and crystal decay by half!
The Effisiont working guide removes fissions nw and each fission gives 1 Research point a tick!
The Phantom Stranger allows you to build phantoms!
The Evolution Obelisk raises the maximum of all research fields by 20%!
The Book Of Ancient Knowledge increases you total research by 1% whenever you explore an ancient planet!
The Ether Gardens increase your energy production by 10%!
The Thermonuclear Bomb makes a nuked planet unexplorable (unless it has an artefact) and grants you the nuke operation!