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Empire rankings for Round #17
1Redemption #19250240388268
2NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE JESUS @war #17240135220673
3Very Old Memories, still remember Rotkeil saying ,you ruined our round, @war #7206213213742
4Urgh...Fought to a Standstill... @war #1618928363621
5in the face #34160115711089
6the peacefull exporers - throwing explo ships at people at will @war #1315126335937
7 /o /o /o /o /o /o /o /o /o Peoples Army o\ o\ o\ o\ o\ o\ o\ o\ o\ @war #2213528320883
8good round.... @war #1512423834692
9Empire #247811563137
10'dreamer' is a coward and a liar and ruins games like this- cya #325521339472
12Neutral #1281188867
13Empire #2315241168
14Very Old Memories 2 #31223742
15Learning empire\? #26112032
16Administration #0111870
17So long #2111710

All Artefacts held by: NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE JESUS
The Recruitment Office gives you the "call to arms" incanation and increases the power of it by 3 if you are Wookies!
The Purification Subprocessor doubles your planets bonusses!
The Metamorphosis stone changes your race to a random one, on encounter!
The Renewable energy technology decreases your energy and crystal decay by half!
The Effisiont working guide removes fissions nw and each fission gives 1 Research point a tick!
The Phantom Stranger allows you to build phantoms!
The Evolution Obelisk raises the maximum of all research fields by 20%!
The Book Of Ancient Knowledge increases you total research by 1% whenever you explore an ancient planet!
The Ether Gardens increase your energy production by 10%!
The Thermonuclear Bomb makes a nuked planet unexplorable (unless it has an artefact) and grants you the nuke operation!