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Empire rankings for Round #19
1EV pirates: tixx feeding the fishes at the bottom of the salty sea #22270232766833
2Thriving @war #26187211400670
3Empire #25161228055596
4At War with #13 and #0 decides to try and poach!!! #7148111953820
5MCRN - Remember the Donnager #1012924969184
6Reality Bites. #110512492326
7Married with children @war #309621830415
8Madious #338121500923
9Tixx drowned the pirates until they got saved by a few server crashes. No skill, all luck, noone else attacking. Sad state of EV @war #297614573781
102 planets 1 cup #177222879973
113v1 lol @war #325011725742
12What the hell am I doing #28241126231
13Empire #11224064
14Empire #13118775
15Administration #0112812

All Artefacts held by: EV pirates: tixx feeding the fishes at the bottom of the salty sea
The Rotkeil's peace treaty disables war declaration by and vs this empire!
The Purification Subprocessor doubles your planets bonusses!
The Wilbo's big bones your nw is decreased by 20%!
The Defenders of the faith always provide you with a defensive fleet of 100k cruisers!
The Effisiont working guide removes fissions nw and each fission gives 1 Research point a tick!
The Phantom Stranger allows you to build phantoms, even cheaper this round!
The Evolution Obelisk raises the maximum of all research fields by 20%!
The Furtifons shield increases the fr cost of attacking you depending on your culture research!
The Ether Gardens increase your energy production by 10%!
The Blame's esurge fetish makes an e-surge 2 times easier and grants you the this incantation!