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Empire rankings for Round #2
1That is not what your mother said. #17195227647846
2Empire #9139153974050
3ssibal #136215772517
4Empire #29191958644
5Administration #0114234

Artefacts found
The Phantom of the Opera grants everyone the Phantoms spell!
The Altar of Storms increases by 25% the attack strength of all your military units when defending!!
The Ether Laboratory increases every research maximum by 25%!
The Ether Palace increases your energy production by 25%!
The Chinese Condom Factory Increases your total population by 25%! Increases population growth by 25%!
The Ether Solar Formula, increases the output of Solar Collectors by 30%!
The Arrakis Spice Melange increases the production of Mineral by 50%!
The Apotheosis of War reduces by half the readiness loss and the difficulty of the Energy Surge incantation!
The Ether Gardens increase your energy production by 10%!
The Book of Senses tells the range for a sense artefact!