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Empire rankings for Round #20
1Madious, bluntious smokious chillious #2244124027598
2Coasting #172421407089620
3Me #36200125051409
4 I know less than him #7176120810994
5Still haven't figured it out #596121385426
6Not so easy #263918607547
7MCRN - Remember the Donnager (I like tacos) #292911068360
8Empire #20131338655
9Empire #2510144420
10Empire #305183002
11Empire #151120287
12Empire #81118675
13Administration #0112033
14Empire #12112032

All Artefacts held by: Coasting
The Rotkeil's war treaty changes the war declaration rule from 60% in planet count to 60% in networth!
The Raider's handbook every planet taken from another empire decreases the fleet upkeep cost by 10% for the next 10 ticks!
The Wilbo's attacking manual increases every readiness maximum by 15%!
The Imperial Star Destroyer gives you a 50% chance to have cruisers stronger by 40% and 50% to have them weaker by 20%!
The The library of Babylon increases your culture by 50%!
The Cyborg technology enables your soldiers to deal 50% more damage!
The Hidden asteroid mine doesnt show in rankings and gives you +15% mineral production!
The Super stacker makes the size of this planet increase by 7 every tick!
The Ether Gardens increase your energy production by 10%!
The Blame's population planning increases the growth rate of population by 3!