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Empire rankings for Round #6
1Like a knife through butter #22107110111759
2Empire #108417079596
3Empire #205514506962
4Administration #0111722

All Artefacts held by: Empire #10
The Lost Temple grants everyone the Enlightment spell!
The Metamorphosis Stone changes your race to a random one, when encountered!
The Harks Attacking Machinery increases your attack research maximum by 50%, but lowers your speed by 20%!
The Diamond drill increases your mineral production by 30%, but decreases energy production by 10!
The Furtifons Ancestry provides you with a psychic shield!
The North Korean Fission Facility increases the output of Fission reactors by 20%!
The Foohon Storge facility increases the production of electrolium by 20%!
The Training Camp increases every readiness maximum by 15%!
The Ether Gardens increase your energy production by 10%!
The Thermonuclear Bomb makes a nuked planet unexplorable (unless it has an artefact)!