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Empire rankings
1Empire of the Empire #11237159629499
2Vultures have no skills #45228134822642
3Empire of RON @war #34154131012265
4Empire of the War #37141124009278
5Flight is set for NET dec 4th. #48119118484870
6Empire #138812081482
7yOU @war #1777111131534
8Empire of the three artis's #73611739156
9Administration #0112033
10Empire #28112032

Artefacts found
The Svlad's rapid growth makes your construction research always be at least 151%!
The Raider's handbook every planet taken from another empire decreases the fleet upkeep cost by 10% for the next 10 ticks!
The Graveyard recycle technology enables every 2 ghost ships to produce 1 crystal a tick!
The Spacebournes curse increases your energy research max by 100%, but lowers your technology max by 25%!
The Cyborg technology enables your goliahs to deal 40% more damage!
The Hidden planetary mine doesnt show in rankings and gives you +10% ectrolium production!
The Super slacker gives you an option to autofund your energy production into research!
The Ether Gardens increase your energy production by 10%!

Round specialties:
Exploration costs are thirded!
All races have observe planet operation!
Market is closed!